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  1. Roger Conley says:

    God bless you and your work. I will pray that your parish be saved when I say my rosary today.. Is there a straightforward article that I could find on the internet that says clearly what parishes they’re closing in your area and what parishes survive.

    1. Hi, Roger! Thank you! Here’s a newspaper article link that you might find helpful – http://articles.philly.com/2013-06-04/news/39717015_1_parishes-archdiocesan-strategic-planning-committee-mergers Also, they are closing 2 parishes in Frankford. St Joachim was self-sufficient and the only concern of the Archdiocese was that since we’re have an older parishioner base would we have sustainability. Who can tell the future? St. Francis de Sales, we have Oblates who were asked to leave as the parish was being shuttered, says, “Live in the Now”! God bless you! Thank you for your prayers! Did you sign our online petition?

      1. You have my prayers, and my real name on your petition. Thanks for the article. It’s so unfair that you guys are on the frontlines. You’re doing great work for your parish but you’re also helping all of us in the diocese who are living in parishes that are future targets of these people. I’m going to try to interest other people in your plight. It’s an uphill battle and you deserve real support from the rest of us.

        1. Thank you, Roger! I, personally, am sorry that I did not see this trend earlier. The trend is abandoning the cities at a time when the Church not only sustains its faithful but ministers to our poor, disabled and elderly parishioners who lack mobility. This has nothing to do with not wanting to go to Holy Innocents. But our ancestors built these churches and the people have worked hard and sacrificed to maintain them. To have the Archdiocese not respect that, in any way, is a slap in the face. Much like the same slap in the face many have felt when they read their closed churches’ stained glass windows are gracing multimillion dollar churches in the suburbs. Not only that, as soon as I have time, I have to look up the last time Archbishop Chaput visited a city parish – other than the Basilica. This is about social justice and who are the real “Defenders of the Faith”? God bless you, Roger. I am glad you put your real name on our petition. These are our real names. We are fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. You are right to be concerned because I am told this is only the beginning of the Pastoral Planning Process! God bless! Thanks for reading! Thanks for your help!

  2. Who owns the building?
    Is St. Joachim an independently incorporated non profit?

    I would highly recommend that if St. Joachim is not independently incorporated as a nonprofit, that they do so via an attorney and then also attempt to transfer the property into the independent corporation.

    I would also recommend that the newly incorporated nonprofit attempt to place a retroactive mechanic’s lein on the property for the amount of repairs and maintenance that has ever been done on or to the building, then try to sue the Archdiocese in court should they attempt to sell your building out from under you.

    Be prepared for a legal battle that will be an embarrassment to the Archdiocese.
    Be prepared for a “sit in” protest and refuse to vacate the property.

    It is your church and your building.

    1. The ownership is a trust (CARDINAL DENNIS J DOUGHERTY IN TRUST). Much of the property in the Archdiocese is held that way. It is effective owned by the Archdiocese that way. We don’t know who exactly controls that trust but it is not the parish.

  3. Florence Stanowski says:

    Lord please help us, I was there along with many of my friends fighting for what is right and just, with you at our side how can we lose.

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