Demonstration Daily

crossHello and thank you for visiting. The following information is for all who are directly involved in the effort to Keep the Faith in Frankford. We invite you to join us and lend your special gifts and talents to this worthy cause. It is not about us – it is about those who have no voice and who will have no Catholic Church in Frankford after June 30! God bless you!

Demonstration Daily

Good morning! I have been told that we have had some direct contact from California. You know who’s in California, right? Yes, our brother, Archbishop Chaput. Someone looking through the keyhole of the door has reported our activities. We know someone is behind that door. We just have to get someone to open it. The next 2 days will be telling. So, what do we do?

We keep the pressure up. Today is the first day of “demonstrating” – not picketing. If you, your friends and relatives can join us at 222 N 17th St between 11 AM and 1 PM today, please be there! This is our biggest pressure point!!!!!!

Phone calls to 215.587.3600 – do your daily dialing! Emails – directly to the Archbishop because he is the ONLY one who change change this decision.
Letters to the Archbishop -Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Philadelphia
222 N. 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Petitions – in print and online.

Reach out and invite all to join us – let’s get 200 visits to today!!!!! Great work, Brian!

I had forgotten the Archbishop was of Native American descent and the first Bishop to represent his people. Knowing American history, we know the injustice done to our Native Americans and that means that the Archbishop knows injustice as well.

You are awesome. Keep up the pressure! We’re rolling…like thunder!!!!!!!

Where else to find us.

The fight to keep the faith in Frankford has stretched out to Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites!!! If you are on any of these sites feel free to take part as the effort grows.

For Twitter search on and use the main hashtag of #fkdfaithful to make your comments or to find out what others have already posted.

We are also posting images to Instagram and for that we have multiple tags. We are using the same #fkdfaithful for all images but we can also tag them with as much description as possible. This helps to reach a wider audience. For example, you can use #stjoachimphila, #materdolorsaphila, #catholic, #philadelphia, #church, etc. Remember, the more descriptive the wider the audience.

Our Facebook groups have been flooded with new members. Be sure to look for us there if you haven’t already click and visit here!!!!

And as always remember the site to sign the petition to keep the faith in Frankford. Every signature helps!!! Click here to sign the petition.


We are the Catholic faithful in Frankford who are working to keep the Catholic Church in Frankford. In June, a decision was made by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to close 2 of our Catholic Churches – St. Joachim (opened in 1845) and Mater Dolorosa (opened in 1911).

St. Joachim, in particular, has been blessed to be staffed by the Oblates of St. Frances de Sales for the last 35 years. Our current pastor is Rev. Steven Wetzel. We pay Father’s salary – it is not costing the Archdiocese at all. We are solvent and viable. We have monetary assets in the Archdiocese’s accounts and steady income from rentals of our former school – that Father Steve sought and arranged – and the former convent. This is not costing but contributing to the Archdiocese’s assets. Our building is modern since our Church burnt down in 1979 – another heartache. We are handicapped accessible. Our maintenance costs are reasonable. This is not costing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at all. We are small – 200 weekly attend Mass – but we are an older population and have many sick and homebound. This is not costing the Archdiocese at all.

Why are we being closed? Where is the outrage at many of our parishes being closed who serve people who are in need of God’s Word and charity?

Please join us to Keep the Faith in Frankford! Here’s a link to an online petition: