Who Are We?

As we work to reopen St. Joachim Church, it’s not an easy road to walk. But the rewards are well worth it! I have gotten to know so many wonderful people, connected with St. Joachim and not, but caring about the fact that anytime a church is closed, the candle of faith burns less bright! […]

Archbishop Chaput Says It’s His Fault

In a wide ranging interview on September 6, 2012 with John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter, Archbishop Chaput went into depth about his first year.  You can read the entire interview here.  It is the best I have come across and gives some perspective.  Still this quote comes home: Have parishes and schools at […]

Parish Closings and Avoiding Bankruptcy

When the history of this episode is written, the issue at the top of the list will be the money. Harold Brubaker, in the Inquirer on July 5th, lists the financial woes that drive Archdiocesan financial planners.  Years of financial mismanagement have brought it to the brink of bankruptcy. There has been a problem with […]

If We Ever Needed a Hero…

It just might be Peter Borre. He is our canon law consultant working with our Italian lawyers to appeal the decision in Rome to close St. Joachim Roman Catholic Church here in Frankford. Along with Mater Dolorosa, these two Churches no longer serve the Frankford community. Their loss has touched not only us but our […]

Frankford and Delaware County in the Same Boat

While we are focused on our own issue, it’s important to note that it was a process that lead to a preordained result. Holy Saviour in Linwood and Immaculate Conception of Lourdes in Marcus Hook suffered the same fate.  Their story reads like our narrative. Calling the process “terrible,” committee member Janice DiMarino said in […]

Food for Thought – “People Long for Spiritual Home….

I have been researching the Archdiocese’s Parish Pastoral Process which failed the faithful in Frankford – miserably. It has taken a little over a month to put the pieces of this puzzle together. We will tell the story. We also want to save future parishes from this obviously flawed process. I came across this post […]

Parishioners at St. Joachim file appeal to reopen

From the Northeast Times: Former parishioners at St. Joachim Roman Catholic Church last week formally filed an appeal to reopen the recently closed parish. The overview of their case was sent on July 3 to the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See to the United States, based in Washington, D.C. The appeal will be forwarded […]

The Churches That Did Not Close in Frankford

Catholics lost both churches in Frankford on June 30th as a result of the Archdiocese decision to close Mater Dolorosa and St. Joachim.  The reasons given for closing both churches are feeble at best and false at worst. You might take a look at the other 30 plus churches in Frankford that have remained open.  […]